Sunday, 22 January 2017

BabyWheelEasy is a Revolutionary Solution for Baby Transportation

When your hands are busy with many bags and you carry a baby too and you are able to open the door with only your foot free, then BabyWheelEasy can be a perfect solution for you. This is not a substitute for the stroller you have, but this can be an ideal addition that can be quite handy at certain moments of your life. 

This innovative solution fills a gap in the market of baby gadgets created for parents’ convenience. If we describe the item simply, we can say that it is a trolley with a baby seat for carrying a baby when you are not able to lift the kid high after operation for instance or for some other reasons. And even if you have no physical health reasons for using it, this is just convenient. As any trolley, it has a compact design.

How does it work?

You just attach a car seat, take out a handle and you can go. Easy and trouble free! You can forget about back breaking experience with this solution. It is even surprising that this thing was not invented earlier. It can be quite at hand when you travel too and move around with your baby in the airport. 

With big luggage this invention makes a great relief for you and your baby does not create obstacles when you travel. Travelling with baby became easier as well. Fold it down at the periods you do not need the gadget and it will not take much place in your trunk. Folding takes a couple of seconds. 

And when you are in the plane the thing is compact enough to be placed into overhead locker. BabyWheelEasy was designed by engineer from South Wales. He wanted to alleviate the problem of walking with a kid for her because she suffered from pain in her knees. 

Foldaway side by side double stroller for infant and toddler helped her not to harm herself and their kid too because when one feels pain, the person can drop the car seat accidentally. It occurred to him that probably somebody else suffers from the same trouble and many parents would be able to benefit from the solution. This way Rob introduced new invention to the baby gear industry and the success followed at once. 

The response it had was rather unexpected for Rob and the same can be said about the customers throughout the world who were amazed at the fact that it is so simple and so evident but it was not realized earlier. It only proves the fact that the thing shouldn’t be complicated to be excellent.

BabyWheelEasy answers the demands of British Safety Standards. The price is pleasant – only around 35 pounds. It can be easily ordered online. Let it complement the stroller you have and not be instead of it.

As for the technical details, BabyWheelEasy weights just 700 grams and does not need to be assembled before use. The handles are solid and light as they are made of aluminum. The addition of nylon plastic components contribute to lightweight feature. You can use it with sunshade on a hot summer day and rain cover when the weather is dull and rainy.

Rough terrain is not a big problem for the BabyWheelEasy though it is preferable not to abuse much testing its features. You should not worry about the safety of your baby even if you take and infant in it. Some people call it a revolution on transportation of your child.

It is universal for various car seats, practical for you, and what is the most important it is comfortable for your little one.