Saturday, 11 February 2017

DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile review

DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Description

The DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile is a powerful, yet light piece of equipment, ideal for all kinds of projects, ranging from cutting stone and porcelain to renovating bathrooms. Get the smoothest and cleanest cuts possible without needing an accessory cart block since the motor tilts and locks at 45 or 22.5 degrees. You can align the table at any angle for comfortable working with the help of adjustable rollers. 

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The 24-inch ripping capacity of the DEWALT D24000 wet tile saw makes it very easy to work on large projects, even as two adjustable water nozzles allow position the spray correctly on the blade for smooth operation. You won’t have to worry about the water spilling out and spoiling your workplace since the optional rear and side water attachments are designed to capture over-spray.

The saw frame has a fully integrated durable stainless steel rail system that delivers precise cuts every single time you use it. Other features of the DEWALT D24000 include an efficient flip-style edge guide for 90 and 45 degree set-up, 1.5 HP motor, a tub-style bottom with four molded sections, and a removable cutting cart that makes cleaning the saw a breeze.

Technical Details

Cantilevering Rail/Cart system to facilitate 24-inch ripping capacity-18-inch tile on diagonal

Stainless steel rail system integrated into saw frame to ensure accurate cuts

Integrated 45/22.5 degree miter feature for quick angled cuts

Adjustable dual water nozzles for optimal water placement on blade – minimizes mist and over-spray

1.5 horsepower motor and 10-inch diamond blade to cut through ceramic material and hard tile

Capable of delivering 31/8 inches cuts and V cuts

5-liter gallon for water and nozzle pumps to prevent saw from heating up

At 69 pounds, it is easily portable

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DEWALT D24000 Review

Of all the ceramic saws in the market, DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile has proven to be, by far, the most rugged and reliable. Nothing comes even close to what this tile saw is capable of delivering. It’s perfect for flooring or remodeling specialists capable of handling any tile or building material you throw at it. Each time you use it, it delivers exactness and precision like you’ve never seen or experienced before.

User reviews for the DEWALT D24000 wet tile saw has been excellent and people have been especially impressed by the how portable and easy to use this machine is. Another feature that many have found quite useful is the water gallon in the saw. Although most wet tile saws tend to spray as they saw, they usually end up making a mess that you are expected to clean up later on. In the DEWALT D24000, the nozzles are directed straight at the tile, making a much less of a mess.

The safety feature on this saw has also been a source of relief for many users since it prevents any untoward incidents. All in all, the DEWALT 24000 is an excellent piece of equipment that measures up to any expectations you may have. It’s versatile, easy to use and extremely reliable – what more could you ask for in a wet tile saw.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Ozoboard Cross-over 906


  • Dimensions: 9’6″ x 28.5″ x 4.8″
  • Weight: 19.6 lbs.
  • Purpose: Cruising, Surf, Battle of the Paddles
  • Users: Beginners to Intermediates
  • Material: Soft Top
  • Price: $ $ $ $ $

General Impressions:

The Ozoboard Cross-over 906 is a very interesting concept for stand up paddle boards. The roots of SUPs are based in surfing and stand up paddle boards have evolved into many different shapes and sizes for many different uses from flat water to aggressive surfing. The 906 in my opinion does one of the best jobs at molding all of these different activities together into one board that can be enjoyed by nearly everyone, from someone who is first getting on a board to someone who is looking to get out there and rip up the face of a wave. I think Ozoboard has made a great utility board that can be paddled on a cruise in the flats, in the surf, knee paddled, and even skurfed behind a boat.



The 906 is relatively short when it comes to paddleboards. With this short of a board it does make the maneuverability of the board very responsive to the rider if you are out cruising in flat water. If compared to a surfboard of this size out in the waves, I would say that it does lack some of maneuverability of a long board surfboard, but it is almost to be expected as this board can do so much more than your average surfboard. It does have 3 fin boxes, so that anyone can add their own variation of fins for better maneuverability. The rails are fairly thin which does add some maneuverability in the surf.


The most impressive thing I find about the Ozoboard Cross-over 906 is the stability. Like I mentioned earlier, this board is pretty short when it comes to paddleboards and often times with such a short board you sacrifice some stability for more maneuverability, but the 906 has a domed deck that adds more volume to the board which greatly increases its stability. The top of the deck is also concaved which makes it very comfortable and stable when you are on your knees paddling with your paddle or with your hands. Its is fairly narrow as far as SUPs go, but it is also wider than a lot of long board surf boards out there, so I think again Ozoboard has struck a nice balance if you will.


I am classifying this as a soft board SUP because it does has a nice soft outer shell that is easy on the knees and also gives you a good grip on the board while your paddling. Usually I would suggest intermediate or advanced riders shy away from soft boards because there is usually a lack of quality when compared with harder construction materials, however, in this case I would suggest any rider of any skill level to jump on the Ozoboard 906. The soft skin not only makes it a softer landing in the surf, but it makes it less susceptible to scratches and dings that are inevitable when you’re out there in the waves.


This is exactly what it is labeled as – a cross-over. It is not the Best Paddle Board for the Money nor is it the best cruising SUP out there, but I do think it does give you the best of both of those worlds all in one board. There are so many uses for the 906, I would think it would be a must for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their SUP: from fitness to paddling to surfing. There is more than one size to the Ozoboard Cross-over, so if you are looking to get one make sure it is the correct size that you want (906, 80,706,606).

Karcher K4.600 T200 Pressure Washer Review

Karcher K4.600 Description

The Kärcher K4.600 T200 is an electric pressure washer with a water-cooled induction motor, which provides enhanced performance and a longer life. The quick-connect hose system makes set up a breeze and reduces the likelihood of kinks in the hose. It can clean up to 17 square meters in only 30 minutes and comes with the T200 T-racer attachment as well as the variable spray pressure lance making it the perfect pressure washer for a wide range of applications. The K4.600 T200 also features a telescoping handle and a compact, upright design, which increases maneuverability and makes the unit easy to store. The included water filter prevents dirt and other particles from entering the unit and damaging the motor. The Plug ‘n’ Clean detergent system offers users a wide range of cleaning solutions in bottles that plug directly into the unit.

Karcher K4.600 T200 Features 

  • Powerful electric motor can clean a 17m2 area in 30 minutes
  • Plug ‘n’ Clean system with 6 different detergents: universal cleaner, car shampoo, plastics cleaner, stone and façade cleaner, wood cleaner and wash & wax
  • Quick-connect hose system for rapid set up and no kinking
  • Telescoping handle makes unit compact for storage yet easy to transport


The best commercial pressure washer for the money received overwhelmingly favorable reviews, earning it five out of five stars. Many of the reviewers purchased this model to replace older Kärcher models, having had good experiences with their older units and looking to upgrade. Reviewers used this pressure washer to clean a variety of surfaces, including patios, walls and driveways, and reported excellent results in a short amount of time. One reviewer stated he used the Kärcher K4.600 T200 clean a driveway constructed from bricks with weeds and mold growing between the bricks. He pointed out that the pressure washer removed the weeds, mold and sand between the bricks easily as it cleaned the bricks.

Two reviewers stated they were purchasing the electric pressure washer to replace their existing Kärcher petrol-driven pressure washers because the petrol-driven models were difficult to start up. Both reviewers added that they were pleased with the cleaning ability, power and ease-of-use the Karcher K4.600 T200 offered.

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Even though all reviewers gave this item four or five stars, there were a few minor problems mentioned. A few reviewers found assembly difficult even with the included instructions. One resorted to finding information online and was finally able to successfully assemble the product. Another reviewer likens the assembly process to that of an Ikea bookshelf.

One reviewer who was pleased with the product’s performance overall, experienced some difficulty with the detergent dispensing system. The system worked for part of his patio-cleaning project, but toward the end, it stopped dispensing detergent. Another reviewer pointed out that the hose could be a longer, but was happy with the cleaning power of the unit.

Kärcher is a recognized and trusted brand for pressure washers and the K4.600 T200 definitely lives up to the Kärcher name. The compact unit packs plenty of power, making it perfect for a wide range of household pressure washing jobs. It is perfect for use on large vehicles, decks, patios, facades and barbecues, and can make even the toughest cleaning job quick and easy.


Specification for the Kärcher K4.600 T200 Pressure Washer

1900W New Water Cooled Induction Motor

130 Bar/ 440 Litres Per Hour

6 Mtr High Pressure Hose

HPQuick Release Handgun & Vario Pressure Lance

Plug In Detergent System

No Kink hose System

Unit weight: 13 kg

Overall weight 17.5kg